03 February - 10 March 2018



On view from 3 February to 10 March 2018, Daire Sanat presents the series Weird Black Handbook by Can Mocan. Through the images of ordinary objects and daily practices we are involved in, Weird Black Handbook invites us to reconsider human existence in terms of concealment and overlooking. These black-and-white images where Can Mocan displays our regular practices along with very familiar objects confront us with the weird aspects of our present situation.
Wandering between the exhibition walls, the viewer is almost offered a real life experience where one is exposed to unexpected threats that suddenly break into the daily routines and vicious circles of living. Human being is instinctively inclined to create a life manual for himself in order to cope with his anxieties about future. Based on this fact of human nature, each image in the series may be counted as a page in an individual life manual.
In "The Museum of Anonymity”, his essay on Weird Black Handbook, the art historian and writer Sinan Eren Erk writes:
“The supra-identity of each image is based on light and lack of light. However this is not the only element of high contrast in his works. The physical and psychological layers of approved violence appear in each image to conflict with human nature while human nature itself is enforced to come to terms with the man in nature (the migrant, or perhaps the savage). Wandering between the sterilized white walls of the exhibition space, the viewer should expect to collide with the unexpected at any moment. The weapon targeted from within the bushes to the viewer who assumes that this is nothing but a fiction or a parallel universe which does not exist beyond the limits of the image might be more unsettling and shattering than expected. The image of this weapon challenges against our ambition to plan the future as if we would live forever, which is something constantly incited by the contemporary life scenarios advertised to us. Yet the display of this violent and dangerous image within the safe context of art also points to the black humour that we can perceive in every piece in Weird Black Handbook series…The fading colours of the black-and-white images render the senses sharper, and radically isolate them from their subjects by way of combining indeterminacy with determinate forms and codes… The modern individual as the central figure of Weird Black Handbook gathers all her/his images, ideas, and dreams on possible ways of escaping from the darkness into a manual prescribing the rules of a universe she/he has built for her/himself. Utilizing the convenient but soft ground of art for this human quest to unfold itself, Can turns the walls in the exhibition space into the pages of this manual on which strange but also peculiarly identical stories can be read. In his images, he does not only observe the real life facts but also reconsiders his own emergency exits, and reviews his list of the firsts to be rescued.”
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