“Ahmet Aydın Atmaca, Mehmet Öğüt ve Fırat Arapoğlu”

 February 16 – April 6 2019


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Daire will host the collaborative project of Ahmet Aydın Atmaca, Mehmet Öğüt and Fırat Arapoğlu titled #workinprogress between February 16 – April 6 2019.


Ahmet Aydın Atmaca, Mehmet Öğüt and Fırat Arapoğlu are working on a project under the name of #workinprogess, which questions the position of curators and artists in our contemporary art world. The collaboration addresses the pressure  that  the artists often face concerning their formation, coming from a conventional creative field, on the one hand  and  contemporary art world’s aesthetic codes on the other. 


The exhibition is not composed of pieces that resemble art works. The installations in the project, essentially, reveals the evolution of the art object during the creative process. Apart from the question of whether pieces are art works or not, the exhibition aims to demonstrate the intricate processes behind artist’s deeds. It brings art works, documents, audio records, images together and aims to form an archive. As always, in the process of forming an archive, time itself will decide whether this display will be recognized as art or not.


The artists and the curator in this exhibition obviously participated in various other exhibitions before, however all the items and actions consisting of  this project could be considered unfinished.  All of them are likely to change and  bear the possibility of alteration in the mind of its creators. Perhaps the question to be raised is this: What kind of definitions should artists put to use on art objects, on artists, and on art in the current art world and especially during particular periods of crisis?


Some artists confront a dilemma whilst analyzing the conditions of their era, and some choose to describe and represent it instantaneously while others choose to wait and observe. As far as the process of creation is concerned, it is not likely to witness the formation, the origin and the evolution of the art object in most exhibitions. In this project expanded dialogues of the artists developed further with the contributions of the art historian, Fırat Arapoğlu. Hours of debates and dialogues between the collaborators are documented and is exhibited in a format with reference to the artists’ creative process which contains the questioning on art itself. In short, this exhibition aims to expound all its repertoire to the fullest and provide a significant basis from its very origins to its final public representation. Honestly, what is the real function of art?


#workingprogress will be open to public between February 16 – April 6 2019, Tuesday – Saturday, 11:00 – 18:30 at Daire. 




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